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What would your organisation be able to achieve if it doesn't need to worry about the challenges that come with data?

Explosive growth of raw data

The amount of data that is being generated is growing fast. In fact it is estimated we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. To put things into perspective: a quintillion is a 1 with 18 zeros…

Wide variety of technologies

New software and technologies to process and analyse data are being released faster and faster. For just the R programming language the amount of library updates almost doubles every year…

Unparalleled opportunities

The incredible growth of data and new technologies open up huge opportunities for organisations and professionals to set themselves apart from the competition…

Who I am

I started out in the world of data almost 20 years ago as a consultant building the first IT environments for schools, being a database administrator for a healthcare environment and eventually as a data consultant for a large consultancy firm. I’ve seen, processed and optimised datasets in the terabyte scale, optimised database performance and queries more time than I can count and helped organisations implement the data architecture that fit them the best.

I’ve been awarded the Microsoft Data Platform MVP award for multiple years now, authored books and spoke on data platform conferences around the world including PASS Summit, SQLBits and Dataminds Connect. I write blog posts about data platform technology and I resolve some really Crazy Data Science challenges.

My goal? To give your data environment super powers, and make you a data hero!

How I work



I start off by researching your data environment and interviewing stakeholders. The goal is to get a clear view on where you are right now, and what you want to achieve with your data



The results of the investigation will be processed in a report. This report outlines your current situations and provides an advice on how your organisation can reach its data goals.



With the advice from the report we get started translating it into actions and implement the advice, realising your goals for your data environment.


Training / Coaching

To make sure you get the most out of the changes in your data environment I stay in touch after the project is done and supply training as needed.

Areas I focus on

Let’s say you got a data landscape that collects and processes a wide variety of data from different sources. Some is relational data that is stored in databases, you have some unstructured data laying around and even some IoT data coming in from sensors. How do you uniformly access that data and expose it to your customers or data analysts? Or, how do you scale that landscape when more data comes in? Should you stay on-premise or perhaps move to the cloud?

No matter how big or small your organisation is, data introduces a whole load of questions that need answering. And to make it even more challenging; there are literally thousands of different ways to answer those questions.

So how about I help you answer those questions by adding some real-world, practical, experience?

As an organisation you got your data game figured out. You build dashboards on top of data warehouses to track KPIs or perform reporting on the valuable information your data warehouse stores. Sounds familiar? A large majority of organisations in the world use this method to present reporting to their users, employees or management.

But what happens when a new data source is introduced? Perhaps one that doesn’t fit into the data warehouse directly since it is unstructured, or even hosted at a different physical location? Thats when you need a “data plumber” (or Data Engineer) to make sure the required data is retrieved from whatever location it is stored and transformed into a format that is useable for your analysts or BI department.

I would love to help you untangle the spaghetti of data and turn it into streamlined data pipelines that collect, combine, transform and output data exactly as you want it, ready for use in your analysis!

Advanced Analytics is one of the booming areas of the data world. With Advanced Analytics you are not only using your data to look back on what you did in the past, but you use statistical methods and techniques to try and predict what is going to happen tomorrow, or next week, maybe even next year. As it turns out, many organisations are very interested into integrating Advanced Analytics in their data analysis processes. And with good reason. 66% of the organisations that implement an Advanced Analytics strategy see their profits rise with more than 15%!

Now, before you jump up and start throwing a data strategy together, things are never as easy as they sound. Implementing Advanced Analytics requires a high level of data quality, a deep knowledge of how your data looks and what it means, and the correct use of statistical methods.

For the last years I have been specialising into helping organisations design and implement Advanced Analytics solutions in their processes, perhaps I can help your organisation as well?

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